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  • We ask all members (students) to complete a student record form as soon as possible, giving us contact and medical details to help in case of emergency.
  • You can start training in loose clothing such as regular exercise trousers and t-shirt.  There is no need to obtain a karate suit (“gi” in Japanese) until you are sure you want to continue with training.
  • You are welcome to invite family and friends to watch the beginners’ classes, but we do ask all students and spectators to respect our dojo etiquette.
  • To obtain a karate suit please ask an Instructor or Assistant, who will assess the size and let you know the price of the gi complete with white belt and club badge.  We offer these suits at below retail price.
  • We also offer other items of training equipment that you will need as you progress in your karate training, again at below retail price.
  • You will have a six to eight week introductory period in which you will be taught the basics of technique and safety.  During this period you will be able to train without a martial arts licence.  After the introductory period has elapsed however you will need to apply for a martial arts licence.  A licence application form and instructions will be provided to you.
  • Regularly training twice each week helps students to progress at a more reasonable rate than training only once per week.  Therefore after six weeks beginners are welcome to train in our Wednesday general class as well as in the Saturday beginners’ class.
  • The club’s instructors are properly registered and insured to teach martial arts.  We take safety seriously, especially for our junior members.  The club maintains as part of its insurance credentials a written
    risk management statement and a
    child protection statement.

  • Normally after the six week introductory period a beginner is ready to take the grading test for their first karate grade, 9th kyu, signified by a white belt with a yellow stripe.  The timing of the grading test is at the discretion of the Club Instructor.
  • Tests for grades above 9th kyu are held throughout each year, and each student is entered at the discretion of the Club Instructor.
  • Before taking any formal grading test each student must pass a number of quick tests, for which they are awarded grading badges.  For grades above 9th kyu students are also expected to collect a number of grading points which are awarded for training each week and for attending special training courses, competitions and other events.  
All this is described in our Club Guidelines document.
  • No student will be considered for any grading unless they have an in-date martial arts licence or have filed an application and are waiting for the licence to arrive.  The reason for this is covered in full in our Student Licensing Statement, but one practical reason that each student must be licensed is the insurance cover that the licence provides.  To renew a licence use this form.
  • Finally every student should remember to follow our dojo kun or maxims:
      ·  “Reigi o omonji”
            Respect and courtesy for everything
      ·  “Shinkenmi ni teshi”
            Be serious in everything you do
      ·  “Shinshin o kitae waza o neri”
            Work hard mentally and physically - repeat techniques again and again
      ·  “Jinkaku kansei ni tsutome”
            Strive to become a better person
      ·  “Wa no michi o kiwameyo”
            Find peace and harmony within your life