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Welcome to Worcester Wado-Ryu!

The Worcester Wado-Ryu karate club was established in 1985 by Humphrey Arnett, the Senior Club Instructor.  Humphrey Sensei is now living abroad - Mike Pogose instructs assisted by senior students of the club and guest instructors.  Humphrey and Mike are students of the late Toru Takamizawa, 7th Dan Kyoshi.

The emphasis on training is the development of character, especially a strong will and positive attitude.  This is achieved through firm training in the tradition of Japanese martial arts with the development of each student’s self-defence skills.  This is the essence of Karate-Do.

Contact us by e-mailing info@worcesterwadoryu.org.uk
or visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/WorcesterWadoRyu
or come watch one of our training sessions!